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The MIT team consists of committed people who have a lot of experience in various areas. There are colleagues with extensive experience in working with migrants and refugees, experience in counseling and an individual approach, for example with girls. Other colleagues have been members of committees and committees for years and bring a lot of expertise from these areas. A colleague has broad experience in European projects, project management and in the development of curricula and curricula. Another colleague has been active in many different functions in association work and politically for years. Another colleague has been taking care of refugees and asylum seekers for years.

Many of the MIT team members have immigrant backgrounds themselves or have lived and worked abroad in different countries around the world for many years. Some are active in migrant associations and migrant self-organizations.


MIT is a project of

INTEGRA Filder e. V.

A project to participate, initiate and to be part of it!

MIT directly and indirectly supports the integration of third-country nationals by promoting social cohesion at local, local and regional levels.

The focus is on the development of measures and instruments to improve the participation of third-country nationals in political and civil society decision-making processes to promote the integration of third-country nationals with the involvement of all relevant social actors.


Develop & Pilot

MIT develops and pilots a training and structure program for this. The aim is to improve the participation and representation of third-country nationals and immigrants in general in local and regional decision-making processes.

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