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The MIT project is divided into different phases. Overall, it extends over three years:

  • A survey takes place in the first year and is carried out using questionnaires. Third-country nationals, potential mentors and clubs, associations and committees are surveyed. All three target groups are asked about the need for further education, information and practical help in order to better integrate third-country nationals in the future than decision-makers, members or people in official positions. For third-country nationals themselves, the focus of the survey is on the real need for information about clubs, committees and associations in Germany.
  • The MIT team then develops eight modules for the further and advanced training of third-country nationals in the first year in order to make them fit for volunteer work or for an assignment in a club, committee, committee or initiative.
  • In the second year, the actual training and further education runs. After their completion, mentors from clubs and committees support interested third-country nationals during their first steps in the direction of association and committee work and accompany them during initial meetings, meetings and votes. At the same time, there are always evenings where experiences are exchanged and feedback is given.
  • Finally, the third year is used to bundle and evaluate all of this experience and to revise the modules together with all those involved in order to then make them available to a large number of municipalities, associations, clubs, organizations, migrants and third-country nationals.
  • An MIT conference takes place every year. In the third year, this conference has the format of a large closing and multiplier event.

All results, modules and experiences of MIT are documented here on the website. All modules will later be freely available as Creative Commons in German and English.

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