Associations, initiatives and groups who would like to involve immigrants and refugees in their offer find suggestions and ideas at MIT.

In our current project, MIT-determine-initiate-participate, it is about giving immigrants in Filderstadt the opportunities to participate in society through associations, parties, NGOs, citizens’ initiatives and much more.

There are also many questions for experienced associations, institutions, groups, NGOs and initiatives:

  • How can I make offers that appeal to immigrants and refugees?
  • How can I reach the target group at all if I have not yet been so active in this area?
  • What motivation do immigrants or refugees have to join a German club or group?
  • How do I deal with prejudices that may come when we, as an association or initiative, specifically target immigrants and refugees?
  • committee Do you have to consider something when it comes to association law, e.g. accepting third-country nationals as members?
  • Can people from third countries also take over official positions, e.g. as a board member or treasurer?
  • What are migrants’ organisations?
  • May people from third countries also accompany political offices?
  • May third-country nationals legally receive a volunteer fee?

These are just a few examples of questions that arise from associations, NGOs, associations and many other types of institutions.

Associations for MIT

Clubs interested in MIT can contact us at any time. From the end of 2020 there will be training courses for clubs, groups and initiatives within the framework of MIT.

Associations who would like to involve immigrants or refugees can provide further information in a questionnaire.

Questionnaire for associations