During the MIT training, many ideas for associations emerged among the participants. MIT modules 2 and 5 were directly dedicated to the history of associations in Germany and Europe. Module 5 also explained what it takes to found an association and the importance of an association’s articles of association. Using a model statute from the Register of Associations in Stuttgart, the participants worked in small groups on initial drafts of statutes for their associations. The range was wide: from cultural associations to charitable associations, associations in the health sector to schools and education, there was a multitude of very concrete ideas.

On February 23 and March 16, 2022, attorney Dr. Metin Konu was available as an advisor to the founders of associations. He dealt very specifically with individual questions about the articles of association. He explained the importance of membership fees for associations, how members can leave an association and what has to be considered when organizing general meetings.

Dr. Metin Konu is a specialist lawyer for foundation and association law and thus also for statute law. In addition to advice on the content of the statutes, he was able to give advice on the registration of associations with the register of associations. In addition, he explained why it makes sense to have a statute checked in advance by the tax office for recognition of non-profit status.

After the MIT training, four non-profit associations are currently about to be founded and entered in the register of associations.