New MIT trainings for participants from Stuttgart started in October 2021. After the successful completion of MIT trainings in Filderstadt in the summer, there were new requests for MIT courses.

Twelve new participants now meet every Wednesday in the hall of the Geißstraße 7 Foundation in the center of Stuttgart. INTEGRA’s MIT team offers all eight modules. It is also possible to take the MIT exam on the last day of the training. The new participants are third-country nationals from Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkey and other countries.

Since many of the participants work or have family obligations during the day, the training sessions take place in the evenings. As a rule, the meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. and go until about 9:00 p.m. The hall at the Geissstrasse 7 Foundation is ideally suited for the MIT training sessions. It is large enough to allow the trainings to take place in presence, given the current pandemic situation, in compliance with all Covid-19 regulations of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Participants are seated at individual tables with appropriate spacing. All are vaccinated so that the 2G regulations are adhered to.

The new dates in Stuttgart came about through the cooperation between INTEGRA Filder e.V. and ArrivalAid in Stuttgart. At a meeting at ArrivalAid, representatives of the MIT team reported on the program. Immediately there were inquiries about the contents, interest in more in-depth knowledge about associations, but also about structures in Germany at the local level.

The ArrivalAid team was invited to the MIT summer party as well as to the MIT kick-off meeting after the summer break, which led to further contacts and more people interested in the MIT training. The current training phase will be completed by mid-December 2021. Afterwards, participants can be accompanied by MIT mentors to gain initial experience in district advisory boards, associations and committees.