MIT hosts regular meetings with interested cititzens to discuss how to participate in associations, clubs or municipal activities.

What do migrants and people from other regions and cultures of our world need, to actively participate in clubs and associations in Germany? MIT asks migrants and refugees about their needs and personal wishes.

The first results so far show that people who have just come to Germany wish to know more about how associations, NGOs and initiatives work.

committee It is also exciting to learn more about what a municipality is, what a municipal council does, how a city administration works. The respondents also found the role and function of board members, chairmen or a treasurer in clubs very interesting.

In general, there were many questions about “volunteering” and what this means in Germany and Europe.

MIT will take these interests into account in the development of the training modules. Special care is taken to meet the needs of the participants as best as possible. There is a special questionnaire where immigrants can enter what they would like to learn about clubs, associations and other institutions in Germany. We are happy about everyone who completes this form. Thanks a lot!

MIT questionnaier for migrants